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Elegant Hairstyles for Men

How do men style their hair when they are about to attend a festive event? Here is the simple solution: Pile on the style elements a bit more lavishly and create more elegance, more style, and more luster.

Men’s Hair Styling is a Matter of the Mind

How do modern men currently style their hair? What products are right for which one of the haircuts? What are the options for balding hair? Here we present the hair styling rules, which all men should know

How to Shave Properly

Nearly every time I give a client a shave in my barber salon, the guy almost always says something like, “I wish I could give myself a shave like this at home.” In reality, it is quite simple to get a barbershop quality shave every morning in the privacy of your own bathroom. Learning how

What Men Don’t Know About Shaving

Occasionally, Let Someone Else Do the Work More men are getting professional shaves, a change from recent decades. A typical pro shave, he says, lasts 12 to 25 minutes. All you do is lie back and relax. The time depends on how many hot towels you want to use and if you get a facial

What Men Don’t Know About Shaving

Brush Up continued… How often you must change blades is another good reason to stick with inexpensive single blades rather than three- or five-blade razors, which can be quite costly. The more expensive the blade, the less likely you may be to change them as often as you should.

How to get street-smart hair in under 5 minutes

It’s an easy 3-step process that you can master at home. If you’ve had the same old clean-cut hairdo for the last decade or so, it’s time to mix it up with a little inspiration from the streets of New York. The current trend is guys looking clean and natural – with a little twist.

Get a better summer haircut

Summer is coming. Swap the Jon Snow mop for one of these more refined cuts.Come the warmer weather, come the scissors. The bird’s nest that kept your ears warm in the cold months and, at its worst, could at least be covered by a hat, is now a sweat-catching liability on your morning commute. To

In Search Of Perfect Hair

Given that hair is technically dead, it’s surprising how much TLC it requires to look its best. And it’s not just your hair that needs care and attention – your scalp does too. So how can you deal with hair-raising problems like greasiness, breakage and product build-up? What’s the best way to tackle a thinning